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Pizza filettiA friend of mine on Facebook posts the most delicious looking photos of things he’s cooking or has just put on the table.

He got me thinking, and this is what I wrote to him:

*  I was in my kitchen thinking of all the wonderfully YUM looking food you’ve prepared and shared with us via pictures. I wondered if you’ve thought of having a website. Hosting with iPage is $12 a year. You could put Google AdSense on your pages and maybe make a bit of money. I don’t make much, but every little bit helps.

*  I never thought about it how does that work?

*  It’s pretty easy, actually. iPage is $12 a year, or was a month ago when I got my site. You need to think of a name for your site. You want to choose a name that’s short, direct, easily associated with the material you think you will most frequently write about, and containing words which others tend to think of in terms of that subject matter. The reason you want to take such care in selecting the site name, is it will help you get Google to send you more visitors from their searches.

*  Then, you go to iPage, or whatever host you choose, but ipage is good and not costly, and begin the sign up process. That will start by asking you for the name of your site, so it can search to see if that name is already taken. Once you get a name that is entirely yours, and you might want to check out how it looks with hyphens, without hyphens, with upper lower case and the words strung together, though upper lower is a bit self defeating because people tend to not use the shift key a lot of the time.

The Art of WordPress*  Okay, so once you have your site, you will get an email with login details for the control panel. There you will find a thing that allows you to download WordPress. That’s what you want to do because it will make it really easy to create your site.

*  Then, once WordPress is on your site, you need to choose a “theme” – that’s the word they use for the different aspects of WordPress that you can choose from to get the kind of website look you want. It’s important to choose a “responsive” theme. That’s one that will appear differently on different devices: large on a desktop computer, smaller on a tablet, but all in correct proportions for people to read your site.


CrossRoad - Responsive WordPress Magazine / Blog*  I think some themes are easier to customize than others. But I’m not sure. I use Montezuma, a free theme. There are a lot of free themes. You can make you site look any way you want, but learning how to do that may take three or more days. That’s about what it took me with the help of the Montezuma theme help forum on the WordPress Help forums.

*  I’d do it, if I were you. You have great looking food that your prepare, and lots of people, I mean LOTS, are interested in good and beautifully presented food.

*  After you’ve created your site and have a few pages and posts, you can put Google AdSense on your site. AdSense ads will provide you with some income from your site.

The income depends on how many people visit your site, and how many of them buy things from the ads you show. The AdSense income is generated when people click on your ads, but since some people are misguided in thinking that merely clicking your ads, repeatedly, is a free way to help you, your account is docked any earnings that appear to be something other than actual interest in the advertised product or service.

Google AdSense Image

Google AdSense: How it works ~~~


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