11/18/2013 ~ I planted two kinds of peas today: Green Arrow and Snow Peas, as well as radishes. I have them in a huge pot outside, which I will bring in as soon as Del has put Orca Grow Film on the top half of my living room wall opposite the clerestory. I know for sure that peas will not grow under full spectrum lamps. I tried that two years ago, with high hopes. Hopes that were dashed, except that I found a Martha Stewart recipe for eggs scrambled with pea plant shoots. It was totally delicious!. I’m very curious to see if my Solatube will provide enough light for the peas. If so, then some spring the huge pot will be nitrogen rich for my tomatoes.

11/27/2013 ~ I brought in the pot with peas and radishes today. The soil in the pot was frozen despite having been in the sun with a pop-up greenhouse over it. The snow that had been layered on top of the soil had melted off, which was good. I have doubled up the candles here in the living room, to offset the frozen pot. I’m not sure how long it will take to warm up. So far, using my infrared thermometer, the pot is about 10 degrees colder than the much smaller pot that’s sitting on a chrome cart with a pot of hot water beneath it, heated by a candle, two candles, actually.


3/19/2014 ~ Growing peas and radishes indoors, in winter, with Solatube for light did not work. I eventually took the huge pot outside again, in February, 2014. The radishes that had come up were stunted. I planted more. The newly planted radishes are doing well, better than the ones which came up indoors several months ago.

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