12/2/2013 ~ I’m planting my garlic bulbs today. I haven’t had garlic in years, and I’m ultra eager to have some garlic leaves to add to my brown rice.

I’m using clay pots, because I have a lot of them available, that are 10 inches high. Apparently, according to articles on the Internet, garlic needs/likes ten inches for its roots.

I’m a little unclear about how far apart garlic bulbs should be planted, so I planted 1 clove/bulb in one pot, 3 in another, and more in yet another pot.

12/9/2013 ~ Garlic is up!

Garlic, photographed 12/16/2013
Garlic, photographed 12/16/2013


12/16/2013 ~ And, here it is. The garlic is growing gangbusters, as they say.


I’m wondering if I should plant some additional cloves in the pot with only one garlic.


It is interesting, though, that the single garlic is the tallest. I read recently that when you plant veggies closer together you get more veggies, but smaller ones.

You can’t really tell from this picture that the single garlic is the tallest, because it’s in the second pot back, which, being farther away, looks smaller, even though the leave ais inches taller.

I’m Loving the Garlic!

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