11/17/2013 ~ I planted carrot seeds today in a pot that is more than 12 inches deep. Apparently carrots like to grow with at least 12 inches below the top of the soil. The seeds are supposed to germinate in 12 to 18 days.

I have no idea what veggies, if any, will grow using Solatube light, but in a few weeks I should have a much better idea.

These little plants came up in the pot where I planted carrots.
These little plants came up where I planted carrots.

11/30/2013 ~ Something has come up, see photo above, but since I don’t know what carrot seedlings look like, I don’t know if these little wisps of plant are carrots or… something else.

I don’t remember letting seeds fall in a clump, so maybe the little plants aren’t carrots. As they say, time will tell.

Carrot seedlings 1/5/2014
Carrot seedlings 1/5/2014

1/5/2014 ~ Those first “seedlings” were grass. But these seedlings are genuinely carrots. I’ve moved them under the GE Plant Light that shines most brightly on the Golden Egg Squash seedlings and collards. They weren’t getting bigger when they were by the door with natural sunlight, but not much of it due to the portal over my glass doors to the deck.

I’m hopeful that the carrots will grow. My hope is largely based on an attempt to grow carrots outside, in the sun, here in Santa Fe, several years ago. The sun was too much for them and they shriveled nearly as quickly as they emerged .


With that in mind, it seems as if they’d be happy in less sunlight, which I can for sure provide in my living room. Ha! Emphasis on the “less”.

4/21/2014 ~ Sadly I took them outside shortly after I wrote the above. That very same day an intense wind storm hit, and they were decimated. Today I planted more carrots, inside, where there’s more humidity. I won’t take these outside till they are sturdy little plants.

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