I want more Solar

solar-panels-and-pear-tree-22511/18/2015 ~ Yes, I want more solar.

I can’t add to my present array because, for one thing, the maker of my panels went out of business or sold to someone else, I forget. Apparently you have to have all one kind of panel in order for them to work at maximum efficiency.

This is good for me because it’s making me think of different ways to proceed, instead of trying to duplicate.

My original Deluxe Cabin Kit was $5,000 and came with gel batteries. The pole didn’t come with it, and I forget how much that cost. I do remember that getting the panels on top of the pole was a bit of a trick and took four men. Also, the panels are a tad too low, so that in the winter, when the sun is lower on the horizon, the panels are shaded by the garage parapet in the early morning and later afternoon.

If I had not insisted that the hole for the pole be deeper, per instruction for clay soil, my panels would not be shaded. But, on the other hand, it would be much harder to brush snow from them in the winter.

Although there is seldom if ever enough rain here in Santa Fe for the clay soil to be saturated enough to become slippery with the result the panels could spin in the wind, I raised the soil level around the pole area so that rain water would run away from the pole and down to my Ponderosa Pine.

That said, if my panels were on my roof, I could never brush snow from them, but the benefit would be that they would be within reach of early and late sunlight.

So, I’m thinking of having panels on my front room.

This page is for me to think about that project.



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