All in One SEO Pro Makes FALSE accusations

All in One SEO Pack Pro put this FALSE accusation in my list of installed plugins
This FALSE accusation has appeared in my list of installed plugins

I did NOT illegally download All in One SEO Pro. I paid for it. Michael Torbert and/or Semper Plugins is making a FALSE accusation when he/they say I downloaded an illegal copy. If there are legal consequences, then I think he is the one who will be facing them.

FACT: When I wrote a one star review of All in One SEO Pro, Michael Torbert wrote a lot of posts in reply, many of which he edited several times. There was no edit function for me to edit my posts. Then, my one star suddenly changed to 5 stars, which was so … odd.

I complained in my review that the forum for All in One SEO Pro users didn’t notify me of answers to my questions. In reply I was told I had to sign up for notifications. I had done that, of course, but for whatever reason it didn’t work and I had to keep checking to see if anyone answered.

I mentioned that I had been very interested in using the plugin to supply author and date for my pages so that Google would stop sending me messages that my pages lacked these things and that the lack was affecting my Search Engine Optimization, or however Google puts that.

I wanted to know where to find the function for that, because I couldn’t find it. The answer I got wasn’t clear. I didn’t understand why they were telling me to ask another plugin. That kind of thing is usually what lazy techs say when they don’t want to actually put any thought into helping to actually solve a problem.

Then I was given a clear answer, All In One SEO Pro had that “on the roadmap” but it wasn’t a part of the plugin currently. Then, the plugin was updated so I thought that the destination had been reached, re the roadmap. But when I looked at the plugin, I couldn’t find any changes, so I asked about it on the forum… I was told my question didn’t make any sense. šŸ™

Next, I saw that the plugin says to use Google Authorship, but when I googled that, I saw that it was discontinued in 2014.

I can understand that it’s probably harder answering questions from someone like me with a brain injury. I need clear answers. So if a brilliant tech person is tired of dealing with someone who isn’t appreciating their brilliance and clever, rather than clear answer, I can see that they may give in to the temptation to do some very sly mocking…

I haven’t always had a brain injury, so I understand how annoying it is when people are slow to understand.

Be that as it may, I believe I am owed an apology! I did not Illegally download.

5/21/2019Ā  Karen Kline