May 11, 2021 ~ Pagespeed for Health-Boundaries AMP pages, using Official AMP plugin:

Total Blocking Time 710 ms POOR    Largest Contentful Paint 7.5 s POOR   Cumulative Layout Shift .001 GOOD

Pagespeed for Health-Boundaries Desktop pages:

Total Blocking Time 0 ms GOOD Largest Contentful Pain 0.8 s GOOD Cumulative Layout Shift .003 GOOD

GT Metrix for Desktop:

May 6, 2021 ~ This is the Pagespeed for my Health-Boundaries AMP pages, using the Official Amp plugin:

It’s 1,950 ms POOR

19.3 s POOR

and 0.003 GOOD

This is Site Kit’s Pagespeed for my desktop pages:

It’s 410 ms POOR

0.8 s GOOD

.002 GOOD

And, GTMetrix shows this:


WordPress Forum post:




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This will no doubt be destroyed by moderators rather than letting me ask the question, but I’ll try, nonetheless.

It is so much harder for me to do things because of my brain injury. And the expectations of authorities get raised, just to make it even harder.

Be that as it may, I made a page showing Site Kit’s pagespeed results for mobile and desktop. Desktop definitely wins.

I then did GTMetrix, as context re my desktop pages.

I work really hard on my site because, for one thing, if I’d had more B12 I might not have the brain injury I have today. I want to make it possible for people who are at risk to take the super easy step of raising their B12 level… so that when they are my age (76) they won’t have this horrible type of brain injury making their life even harder.

It is beyond depressing that all my work is for naught when Google decides not to show my mobile pages. I feel desolate.

If you can help, will help, that would be great…

But it’s been years of Google dragging me down, via my website not getting high ranking due to “speed”, so that I’m disenchanted at this point… to say the least.

I look forward to your help.. It would be great if there were to actually be help.

The page I need help with: